IL TIMPANO or Timballo- it’s an Italian pasta dish made famous by the movie Big Night (the best food movie ever). The dish is traditionally prepared in a Dutch oven to get a dome shape but I didn’t have a Dutch oven so replaced it with a loaf tin .The recipe includes some basic components but a lot of care is required to make sure that it does not collapse and is cooked completely.


Chicken meat balls

Minced chicken meat- 200 gm

Chopped onion- 100 gm

Italian seasoning- 15 gm

Coriander-30 gm

Grated cheese-50 gm

Eggs-2 no.

Bread crumbs- 100 gm

Salt – to taste

Pepper powder – to taste


  1. Mix all the ingredients together and form meat balls and let them sit in refrigerator at-least for 30 mins or one hour.
  2. In a non stick pan pour some olive oil and cook the meat balls till they brown evenly.
  3. Add them to simmering tomato sauce to add its flavor.


Tomato sauce – 500 gm

Caramelized onions -100 gm

Boiled eggs – 4

Spicy Sausages– 3 no.

Rigatoni or Penne Pasta– undercooked by 5 mins. than stated cooking time on packet and mixed with tomato sauce

Pasta crust :

Pasta flour – 455 gm

Salt- 1 tsp

eggs- 2 no.

egg yolks- 9


1.Combine the flour and salt and make a small mountain of flour on a clean and flat              surface. Make a well in the middle.

2. Add 2 eggs to the well and using a fork carefully incorporate the eggs into the flour.            Add the egg yolks and carefully mix into flour.

3.Once the eggs are incorporated knead the dough by pulling, stretching and folding for       3-5 mins. or until smooth and elastic.

4. Shape the dough into a ball and wrap it in plastic wrap. Rest in fridge for 30 mins to          overnight.

5. Grease the loaf tin or dutch oven and roll out the dough such that there is some dough       hanging outside the tin to fold over the top.


1.First add the layer of pasta and sauce.

2.Add dome Parmesan cheese and then add the meatballs and eggs.

3. Add a layer of cheese, and pasta and then add sausages.

4. Add more cheese and caramelized onion and sauce.

5. Fold the hanging dough to cover the loaf and bake it at 190 degrees Celsius covered            with  aluminium foil for 1 hour and then cook  for 30 -35 mins. uncovered.

6. Let it rest to at least 30 mins. before cutting it.


7. Cut and Serve it with some warm tomato sauce.




  1. The filling should be inserted tightly to get layers and to avoid collapsing.

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